Anne Ten Donkelaar

L’Oriol em va passar fa unes dies l’enllaç d’aquesta artista holandesa i vaig quedar al·lucinada de la bellesa d’aquestes peces. Unes joies visuals amb papallones, libél·lules i altres insectes trobats. Preciós!

Oriol sent me the link of this Dutch artist and I was stunned with the beauty of these pieces. Visual jewels with butterflies, dragonflies and other insects she have found. Beautiful!

“A damaged butterfly, a broken twig, a bumblebee, some strangely grown weeds: I find all these unique discoveries in my path and then take them home to my studio. Here, I take my time to explore the objects and try to work out how I can show each one to it’s best advantage. My finds inspire me. While looking at them I can invent my own stories about their existence and their lives. By protecting these precious pieces under glass, I give the objects a second life and hope to inspire people to make up their own stories about them.”


Darrere del nom Twinklebird hi ha la dissenyadora holandesa Christine de Boer, que treballa les formes d’una manera molt dolça per fer aquestes joies precioses. M’encanta!

Behind the name Twinklebird there is the Netherlands designer Christine de Boer. She works with simple shapes of animals and objects in a very sweet way and makes these lovely jewels. Love it!

“I adore simplicity and the beauty of small things. The jewelry and tiny sculptures of my design, are sweet, subtle and ageless. Small things intrigue me, and nature is full of it. A branch, a bird, a beautiful berry… all full of their own special details. You only have to look and start creating your own story about all the things you see. Twinklebird symbolizes the feeling I would like to give along; a sweet, but also special little bird, hopping around in nature, searching for beautiful things, nice thoughts and special details. A Twinklebird-jewel attracts attention, generates curiosity and is quite elegant. Goldsmithing and sculpturing are combined in several jewelry I make. Some of them are real ‘microsculptures’. It’s sculpturing in wax to the smallest inch, before it’s casted in solid silver or gold. It’s a tiny piece of art, to carry along, to cherish…”


Darrere el nom de RamJuly, hi ha la Antoaneta Petrova i l’Emanuela Deyanova, que treballen juntes en aquest projecte des del 2008. Realitzen peces de joieria amb materials reciclats així com pedres extretes de mines en llocs sense conflictes. A més una de les seves peces va ser finalista del Premi Enjoia’t de l’any passat!

Behind the name RamJuly, there are Antoaneta Petrova and Emanuela Deyanova, working together on their project since 2008. They make jewelry with recycled materials and stones extracted from mines in areas without conflict. Also, one of his pieces was Enjoia’t Award finalist last year!

Lingerie by Lorena Martinez

Ahir vaig veure que la Lorena havia fer un post al seu bloc explicant el procés creatiu de la seva nova col·lecció Lingerie. I realment m’han encantat tant les peces que no puc no dedica-li un post al bloc! Per cert, les trobareu totes a la venta a la seva botiga on-line.

Yesterday I saw that Lorena made a post on her blog explaining the creative process of her new Lingerie collection. And I really loved the pieces so that I can’t dedicate her one post at my blog! Oh, all the pieces are available at her online store.