Follow your Heart by Chao & Eero Jewel

“In life, if you truly believe in something, you should work your hardest to make it happen. Follow your heart, and you will find the way.”

In celebration of the 6th anniversary of her brand, Chao & Eero Jewel (founded on Valentine’s Day, February 14 in 2005), they both created a Heart pendant based on her unique works. They are also having an event on facebook, for the first time. They will give one pendant to a lucky fan who attends this event. It ends at mid night on January 30th (Finnish time).

Error by Eero Hintsanen

“Error bracelet is Eero Hintsanen’s exam work for the Finnish Master Goldsmith certificate. Eero aspires to interpret the urban culture of graffiti with traditional goldsmithing techniques, and to create a piece of jewelry that is unique and contemporary. This massive bracelet was constructed by hand from 127 pieces, and took 259 hours to complete. It was a challenge to execute this type of design with craftsman’s skills instead of computer assisted machinery.

“Error” is one of many misspellings for “Eero” Hintsanen when he travels abroad. Eero uses it as a penname; therefore, this bracelet is literally the signature of its maker. “

Sari Liimatta

Increïbles les peces d’aquesta noia de Lappeenranta (Finlàndia), els seus animals modificats i plens de pedres i ornamentació són fantàstics!! M’ha agradat especialment el conillet!!

“To choose. Everything has it´s price, always. The most intensive heat burns.
Adapt yourself and survive. Life is a happy game with sad rules. Something very huge is composed of super small particles. To find the balance and the ways how it alters.
About the changes. I never know in the beginning how will the work look like in the end.

About the surprises. In order to assemble something new some things have to be put away, removed; things get lost, disappear or become forgotten. Only broken surface can let us see the hidden price. How far can you go within the boundaries of trust, how close can you let yourself get to someone or let someone get close to you. I just tell what happened to characters. I just try to describe. During some tiny tiny moments which proved to be meaningful afterwards.”

Via Paula Lindblom.

Chao & Eero news

He rebut un mail d’aquesta gent anunciant-me que havien actualitzat la web amb noves creacions, o sigui que aquí les teniu, són una passada!!!


This fun and colorful collection of brooches combines Eero’s drawings with vivid colors. The drawings are hand-engraved on silver plate, which gives each its own unique look. There are many variations of the background colors.
When the brooch is worn on the upper sleeve, the design origin of the tattoo theme is emphasized.


The hand-engraved animals in this collection are familiar characters from the Finnish stories and fairytales.
Each of them is unique and has its own charm. The strong connection to the animals comes from Eero’s childhood in the countryside, where even the traces of bears could be found sometimes. The use of the colourful foam rubber gives these brooches a fun and energetic look, and also creates different moods.


Tomppu is a short version and cute way to say tomato in the Finnish language.
In this collection, Chao created a very simple and elegant look for the tomato, which is perfect for everyday wear.

Niina Mahlberg – Helmi Design

Avui l’_Uri m’ha passat el link d’aquesta web i no m’he pogut estar de penjar aquesta artista finlandesa. Niina treballa el vidre amb una tècnica tradicional que contrasta amb la modernitat de les seves peces. Qui podria dir que es poden realitzar joies com les que fa ella amb vidre??? Realment són impressionants…un olé per aquesta joiera!!