Lotte De Mey – news

La nostra amiga Lotte De Mey ens fa saber que el 13 i 14 de Desembre participarà en una exposició amb les seves peces i que pel Gener començarà a fer workshops a Bèlgica. Us deixo la seva informació en anglès.


Design Show:

In the weekend of the 13th & 14th December, The White Hotel in
Brussels will be transformed into a Design Happening. 40 designers will transform 40 hotel rooms into unique design galleries and shops. You will find fashion, acessories, jewelry, silversmithing and design.
More information is available at You will find my new jewelry collection in room 26!


In January I will start my first series of workshops, no experience required. The programme is included, but it’s in Flemish only since I will be teaching in Belgium.


Contemporary Diamond Jewellery Design Course

HRD Antwerp has set up a new training programme : the five day Contemporary Diamond Jewellery Design Course.

With this highly professional training programme, HRD Antwerp aims to educate designers in transferring creative ideas to practical concepts on paper. The trainees will be instructed in the fundamentals of diamonds in modern jewellery design and the aesthetics of the presentation on paper.

Lecturers are Mr. Laurent-Max De Cock, Associate Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and jewellery designer and Ms. Veerle Van Wilder, Associate Professor at St.Lucas in Antwerp and jewellery designer.

The training will be given in English from July 28 to August 1, 2008. Price for the 5-days course: 680 € (VAT 21% incl)

For more information on the Contemporary Diamond Jewellery Design Course, please contact the educational department of HRD Antwerp, tel. +32 (0)3 222 07 09, fax +32 (0)3 222 07 04, email