Agnes Maria

Feia dies que tenia la web d’aquesta noia austríaca apuntada i fins avui no he tingut temps de mirar-me amb calma la seva web i les seves peces…i m’han encantat!!! A més té un currículum bastant extens i unes quantes publicacions.

Avui com que és l’Aniversari de la Laura li dedico un post perquè acabi de passar un feliç dia!!! Crec que les joies d’aquesta noia li agradaran bastant…Felicitats guapa!! Petons!!

Via Pink the Thing

Fritz Maierhofer

“New trends in artistic jewellery are still occurring today as a result of very definite cultural influences and movements, as well as through changes in our social lives. Jewellery is a medium that can send messages.
Jewellery also changes according to the times, just like the changes that have taken place in the modern period in architecture, literature, painting, sculpture and furniture design. The search for constantly new means and ways, style trends from or characteristics of various countries. Influences from one country to another. Absorbing, breathing in ideas and developing them. One to the other. Possibilities – with different kinds of materials.
Jewellery has developed more in the past 30 years than virtually any other artistic field. I, too, have been able to contribute to this.”

Us recomano les peces d’aquest joier de Viena…el seu currículum és impressionant però no supera l’espectacularitat de les seves joies…