Incipit by Nelly Van Oost

La Nelly ens informa que presenta el seu nou projecte “Incipit” a la Fira COLLECT a la Galeria Saatchi de Londres del 9 al 12 de Maig. No us ho perdeu! Nelly inform us that she presents her new project “Incipit” at the international fair COLLECT in the Saatchi Gallery of London from 9 till […]

The Rogue And The Wolf

Darrere aquestes col·leccions de joies fetes amb 3D hi ha els dissenyadors Eloise H.R. i Michael W. Les seves joies tenen una càrrega molt personal i moderna, i personalment m’encanta tota la col·lecció d’anells que tenen. No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

Behind these 3D jewelry collections are the designers Eloise H.R. and Michael W. Their jewelry is really inspirating and modern, and I really felt in love with their amazing ring collection. Don’t miss their online store!

Farrah Al-Dujaili

Recentment he descobert l’obra de Farrah Al-Dujaili, una joiera d’Anglaterra que treballa les seves peces com si fossin dibuixos amb línies i volumetries. Preciós! I recently discovered the works of the English based designer Farrah Al-Dujaili, she works her pieces like drawings with lines and volumetric shapes. So beautiful! “My design methodology revolves around the […]

Jasmin Blanc






L’Erika viu i treballa a Londres, tot i que és de Transilvània. Va aprendre l’ofici de ceramista del seu pare i actualment es dedica a fer aquestes boniques joies amb ceràmica.

Erika lives and works at London, but she raised in Transylvania. She have been inspired from her father, who is a professional ceramist, and she makes this amazing jewelry pieces.

Datter Industries by Kaye Blegvad






La Kaye és una dissenyadora i il.lustradora londinenca que fa unes peces molt visuals i divertides, des de calaveres, gatets o mans en trobareu per tots els gustos. M’agrada!

Kaye is a London based designer and ilustrator that makes really visual and funny jewels, you can find skulls, cats, hands, any for every taste. I like them!

“My illustration background means I tend to make pieces with a drawing-based process and a story behind them. I like things dark but elegant, and my jewellery covers some of the same themes I explore in my illustration work: ritual, the occult, war, weaponry, animals, talismans. I like things to show signs of being handmade: nothing too clean or too perfect.”