Jie Sun

Jie Sun és un artista originari de Xina però que actualment viu i treballa a Amsterdam. L’any passat va ser el Premi Professional Enjoia’t i per tant aquesta setmana, dins de l’event Joya 2013, podreu visitar una exposició de les seves noves peces al Fad. No us les perdeu!

Jie Sun is a jewelry artist from China but he is nowadays based in Amsterdam. Last year he won the Enjoia’t Award and for this reason, this week inside the Joya 2013, you will be able to visit his own exhibition at Fad. Don’t miss it!

Momentary Jewelry by Dang-Vu Dang & Nhat-Vu Dang

“A jewelry piece is often connected to a person close to you. Take for example a wedding ring or a bracelet, which is handed down from generation to generation. But how about the person you exchanged smiles with in the metro, or the person with whom you had a quick conversation while waiting in line at the supermarket? It is surprising how interesting people can be, even if they seem to be boring or intimidating. If only we took the initiative to approach each other more often! This series of jewelry, which is dependent on human interaction, is a help to break the ice; to connect with a stranger.”

Increïble el projecte d’aquests dos germans, m’encanta!
Amazing the project of this two brothers, I love it!

Ballets Russes

Ballets Russes és una col·lecció increïble fruit d’una col·laboració entre la dissenyadora de moda Dorhout Mees i la joiera de Gild Atelier. Una barreja d’elegància, sensibilitat i poesia que he trobat exquisita. No us perdeu el video ni el “making of”.

Ballets Russes collection is an amazing result of a collaboration between the fashion designer Dorhout Mees and the jeweller Gild Atelier. A blend of elegance, sensitivity and poetry that I found delicious. Don’t miss the video and the “making of”.

Concept by Esther Dorhout Mees

Jewelry: Dorhout Mees + Gild Atelier

Directed by: Jon Karthaus
D.O.P: James Knaap
Set Director: Janto Moerti Moerman
Make-Up: Barbra Oliemans @ Colourfool
Choreography: Bora Sirin
Dancer: Soetkin Jacobs
Model: Rosalie @ Ulla Models
Runner: Pepijn Jansen
Wardrobe Assistants: Astrid Grootson & Sophie Deinum

Ruudt Peters

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Des dels anys 70, en Ruudt Peters, ha estat un pioner en la joieria conceptual. Des de llavors ha influit fortament en el desnvolupament de la joieria contemporània tant com a artista com a professor de dues les les universitats més pretigioses d’Europa. Té uns projectes increïbles!

Since 1970’s, Ruudt Peters had been a pioneering conceptual jewelry artist. He has exerted a strong influence on the development of contemporary jewelry as an artist and as a professor at two of the most prestigious universities in Europe. He has stunning projects!