Breastmilk Jewelry








La Allicia és una artista de Rhode Island que es dedica a fer joies amb llet materna. Curiós i però amb uns resultats genials. Peces ideals per guardar un record d’aquesta etapa tan especial amb els nostres fills. A més tens dues opcions, enviar-li la llet i ella et fa la peça o comprar el kit i fer-ho tu mateixa! M’encanta!

Allicia is a Rhode Island based artist who makes breastmilk jewelry. An amazing and special idea with espectacular results. Special pieces to have memories of this lovely time with your baby. She gives you two options, you can ship her your milk to make a piece or you can buy a do it yourself kit! I love it!

“I’ve shared a love with breastfeeding from latching issues, sleepless nights, low milk supply, tongue and lip ties; all leading to some of the most cherished days of my life. Though hard work, dedication and perseverance I made it through despite the struggles that I faced. I believe every struggle made breastfeeding more meaningful for me, breastfeeding had a profound impact on my life. I wanted to remember it, so I searched for a way to never forget how sweet and irreplaceable the experience was. A lot of experimenting and a few great ideas led me to where I am today. I’m blessed to provide the same wonderful service to all of you.”

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