Pagan Poetry by Diane Schuh






Avui he descobert aquesta dissenyadora de Paris, les seves peces són una barreja de modern amb cultures natives i ètniques. Impressionant!

Today I discovered this Paris designer, her pieces are a mix of modern and native and ethnic cultures. Amazing!

“The new world was pagan for its explorers. It has opened for us arts and cultures that are deeply inspiring. Pagan Poetry draws on those ancient and mysterious worlds, on the beats of folk-pop-electro music and on the way these esthetics are combined with our modern world in a syncretic fashion. The collections are designed around two kinds of jewels: amulets and crowns. Both refer to native and ancient artifacts. But most of all they are playful forms that can be worn in many ways. Each collection has its heroine. Sanaaq, the first collection, was inspired by the Great North, its myths and its dangers. Salomé, the second collection, develops a theatrical poetry around the taste for travel, Orientalism, and vanity. Sada was a tribute to Japanese culture, Balinese theater and West Africa’s masquerade. The last collection, Doumidia, is again a voyage to the beautiful great North.”

Photography by Vivienne Mok.

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