Giveaway Winner

Primer de tot vull agrair-vos el vostre suport durant aquests 4 anys i sobretot la vostra fantàstica resposta al Giveaway d’aquesta setmana passada. Avui, ajudada per unes “potes” innocents hem fet el sorteig i la guanyadora de l’anell és: KAITLYN. Enhorabona i gràcies a tots per participar!!

First of all I want to give thanks for your support during the last 4 years and for your amazing response to Giveaway this week. Today, helped by innocent 2hands”, we made the draw and the winner of the ring is: KAITLYN. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating! (Kaitlyn please contact me for size and shipping details of the ring)

6 respostes a “Giveaway Winner

  1. Thank you so much for offering this fun giveaway to those of us who love and appreciate jewelry and gemstones! I feel so very lucky to have won such a unique creation from such a talented designer and I thank you for the opportunity, Marta 🙂 I have sent you an email with my info. Thank you very again, and I wish you much continued success 🙂


  2. I’m really shocked by the lack of people involved in this giveaway. I’ve pondered your 18k blog for a few years and am a huge fan of your masaoms shop(you’re also in my circle and add great finds!) So I’m wanting to congratulate you on an amazing 4yrs and hope it brings you an incredible 40 more!

    Ps- don’t forget to add english translation on your posts here. I think sometimes you forget.. but Id really like to see this site grow and flourish, it’s one of the better if not the best one around in my opinion ❤


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