Friendship Bracelets

Estic segura que tots recordeu els braçalets que es portaven quan erem adolescents, aquells que teixiem a mà i que regalavem als amics o familia. Doncs ja els podeu desenterrar, que tornen a estar de moda! Ah, i per si no en trobeu cap, aquí us n’he posat una mini selecció d’alguns dels que he trobat a Etsy. Apa, a xulejar de braços amb bracelets que ha arribat la primavera!

I’m sure all of you will remember the bracelets that we used to wear as teenagers, the ones handmade with different colours and we used to give to our friends. Now you can search them in your old jewellery box because they’re back fashion! Oh, and if you didn’t find any, here’s a mini selection of some I found on Etsy. Now is time to show them on your arms because spring is here!


Minnie Grace

Alexandra Jade

Jack and Hazel

Eleven11 and Co.


Koko and Beau


Son of a Sailor


A Little Dot


What Knot Shop

7 respostes a “Friendship Bracelets

  1. I love these bracelets they are soo cool !!!! I particularly like the braided fabric and chain from Jack and Hazel … the PINK one most specifically!!! 😉


  2. OOPS!! The Pink Suede and chain bracelet is from Eleven11 and Co. not Jack and Hazel … My Mistake!!! I just followed the link to Etsy and saw their other designs … they are really cool!! 🙂


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