Jesika Jack






No fa pas massa dies vaig descobrir la col.lecció sobre el Zodiac d’aquesta joiera Australiana, i em vaig quedar al.lucinada de la precisió de les seves peces. No em faria pas res tenir el penjoll de Taure, seria com porar les estrelles damunt la pell. M’encanta!

Some days ago I discovered the Zodiac collection of this australian jeweler, and I’m fascinated with the way she makes each constellation. I want to have one day the Taurus pendant, this can be as magic as wearing the strars over the skin.

“Feeding my ongoing fascination of opposites coexisting, the Zodiac Constellation line is an illustration of binding the macro and micro cosmos together upon the wearer’s body. Or as my friend remarked about a set of rings I made for her, “I feel like I’m holding the universe in my hand!””

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