Darrere del nom Twinklebird hi ha la dissenyadora holandesa Christine de Boer, que treballa les formes d’una manera molt dolça per fer aquestes joies precioses. M’encanta!

Behind the name Twinklebird there is the Netherlands designer Christine de Boer. She works with simple shapes of animals and objects in a very sweet way and makes these lovely jewels. Love it!

“I adore simplicity and the beauty of small things. The jewelry and tiny sculptures of my design, are sweet, subtle and ageless. Small things intrigue me, and nature is full of it. A branch, a bird, a beautiful berry… all full of their own special details. You only have to look and start creating your own story about all the things you see. Twinklebird symbolizes the feeling I would like to give along; a sweet, but also special little bird, hopping around in nature, searching for beautiful things, nice thoughts and special details. A Twinklebird-jewel attracts attention, generates curiosity and is quite elegant. Goldsmithing and sculpturing are combined in several jewelry I make. Some of them are real ‘microsculptures’. It’s sculpturing in wax to the smallest inch, before it’s casted in solid silver or gold. It’s a tiny piece of art, to carry along, to cherish…”

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