“All I See Are Brighter Days” by Alex and Chloe

Increïbles les peces d’aquesta gent americana i el video impressionant!!

Incredible pieces of these american people and the video is amazing!!

The video shoot for our spring editorial “All I See Are Brighter Days.”

A spring editorial taking you on a little trip through the bright colors (and shadows) of spring and upcoming summer – Fuscia, electric orange, blinding yellow and aqua. showcasing apparel and accessories from Obesity and Speed, Cheap Monday, The Local Firm, Erin Wasson x Rvca, and Alex and Chloe.

Cinematography: Kevin Klein
Music By: Johnny Danger & Mr. Skeleton (Filthy Habits)
Camera Assistant: Sima Ebrahimi
Shoot Photographer: Tyler William Parker / tylerwilliamparker.com
Hair And Makeup: Nichole Servin
Stylist: Christopher Walters
Production Assistant: Mike Zara, Amy Scarlata

Models: Hannah K. (Click), Michael Mealor (Wilhelmina)

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