Central Saint Martins 2011 & Swarovski

Vicky, one of the representative from Swarovski HQ in London, send me this amazing project collaborating with jewellery design students of Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London.

For the ninth consecutive year Central Saint Martins’ first year BA (Honours) Jewellery Design students have been asked to design jewellery with set stones for the fashion/fine jewellery market with a focus on the innovative inclusion of Swarovski Elements. Judging took place on the 24th March at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge, London.

Students were divided into three groups earlier this year with each group being assigned one of Swarovski Elements’ Autumn / Winter ‘11/’12 trends. The chosen trends were Romantic (Countryside/Kingfisher), Harmony (Winter Landscape/Snow Rabbit) and Glamour (City/Horse).

Judges Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of International Communications and Creative Director at Swarovski, and Tomasz Donocik, a Swarovski Runway Rocks designer and Central Saint Martins Alumni, reviewed each finished jewellery piece. Prizes were awarded for innovation, best interpretation of theme and best use of crystal.

‘Swarovski is delighted to continue this nine year collaboration with Central Saint Martins. We are always excited to see how, through their unique vision, each young designer demonstrates the creative possibility of crystal in jewellery design.’ – Nadja Swarovski.

Giles Last, Head of Jewellery at Central Saint Martins said, ‘The Swarovski sponsorship is a terrific opportunity for our students to explore and experiment with a wide range of Swarovski products, as well as meeting a variety of influential people from the jewellery industry.‘

The winners are as follows:

Overall winner: Sarah Narici

Overall runner up: Maprang Vajrodaya

Best use of crystal: Beatrice Bongiasca

The shortlist entries are currently displayed live on our website:


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