Kathy Ludwig at Galerie BSL

Galerie BSL is presenting Kathy Ludwig’s ‘Hosting Parasites,’ a collection of performative jewellery belonging to the realms of art which earned her a first class honours degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven. ‘The objects that I create are intriguing, attractive and maybe even repulsive, provoking contradictory sentiments and raising questions. Their interaction with the body makes certain values or demeanour tangible. A living sculpture is formed from their unison.’

Hosting Parasites’ consists of three smoked oak cabinets of curiosities. Each of these presentation cases contains latex, ivory, fabric, silver and porcelain objects for experimenting with, which inhabit the user’s body/support, leaving behind its imprint or fusing with it. Here flesh is the actual, sublimated showpiece. Kathy Ludwig puts this territory to the test, examining without value judgement the parasitic or symbiotic character of any human relationship: to give; to receive; to conquer; to exploit; to benefit; to cooperate; to pool… to love.

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