Christine Kim

Avui he descobert el projecte d’aquesta joiera de Providence i he quedat impressionada, no tinc paraules per descriure les seves peces. A més té un video on es veu ella posant-se cada una de les peces, genial!

Today I discovered this jewelery project of this artist from Providence and I was impressed, I have no words to describe her pieces. She also has a video wearing every piece, amazing!

“The body is a constant vehicle of art; it bleeds, sweats, and oozes creative force. My pieces are an attempt to capture and articulate the human form and its many traits and emotions. For this purpose I have found myself most drawn to the head, because of its close proximity to the senses. In order for my jewelry to serve as a window or rather a frame to the body’s creative manifestations I find that I must further delineate and even heighten the relationship of jewelry and of the body; making my jewelry as dependent on the human form as possible. The more site specific my jewelry is, the more the role and significance of the human body is amplified, thus exceeding ornamentation.”

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