Masters & Apprentices at Aaron Faber Gallery

September 30 to October 31 – Aaron Faber Gallery NYC
November 4 to 7 – SOFA Chicago

This exhibition celebrates and examines the nature of the relationship between the Master and the Apprentice in an American context. The old European tradition, still strong in Germany today, educates goldsmiths through a rigorous apprenticeship program, including years of education and then training under a Master goldsmith. Under this system, apprentices either succeed their Masters or open their own studios often facing unique challenges in identifying their own styles. By contrast American jewelers trained in Art programs in the University system are taught to develop their creative process and focus unique concepts and ideas from the beginning.

The Aaron Faber Gallery has invited three Master Goldsmiths working in both America and Germany, Michael Good, Barbara Heinrich and Michael Zobel and the apprentices–

Britt Anderson • Jordan Barnett-Parker • Sabine Dessarps • Claudia Geiger • Regina Hiestand • Insa Grotefendt • Ayesha Mayedas • Juha Koskela • Stephen LeBlanc • So Young Park • Simon Spinoly • Christian Streit • Liz Tyler • Liaung Chun Yen –

–trained in their studios to participate in this seminal exhibition exploring the evolution of ideas and techniques between Masters and Apprentices.

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