AGG workshop 2010

The lessons will be held in July-August 2010. The courses provide both theoretical and practical skills lessons in a workshop environment. Seminars are focused on formal research and the refining of technical skills. Each lesson will deepen a specific subject.
All the lessons will take place on the Museum’s premises. Participants will be able to make use of the workshop and the equipment provided by the organization. There will be a maximum of six to eight participants for each course. Courses have been prepared for jewellers, teachers, and professionals in mind.
The total subscription amount includes the final exhibition and the catalogue. The catalogue images will be made by the photography course students.
Participants must fill in the subscription form, make payment and send a receipt of payment and a copy of an identity document to the project manager Patrizia Bonati, Via Sicardo 12b – 26100 Cremona, Italy.
agc members will qualify for a 10% discount on the total cost.

For more information here: project agc-museum bijou 2010 ENGLISH Version

And here:

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