Kathi Roussel

Ahir em va arribar directe de Buffalo aquest fantàstic penjoll fet per una bona amiga i una magnífica joiera, la Kathi Roussel. No puc descriure amb paraules com estic de contenta!!! És un regal de l’Oriol i el Xino, i m’encanta!!!

Yesterday arrived directly from Buffalo this gorgeous pendant made by a great friend and a wonderful jeweler, Kathi Roussel. I can describe with words how happy I feel!!! It’s a present from Oriol and Xino and I love it!!

Aquí unes quantes de les delicies que podreu trobar a la seva botiga on-line, unes joies fantàstiques, no trobeu?

Here some of treasures you can find at her online store, amazing jewels, you think so?

7 thoughts on “Kathi Roussel

  1. marta– forgive me for taking so long to thank you for such a thoughtful and beautiful post– and going to the trouble of photographing your new piece. you make a perfect pair– you and the papillon! i admire and love your jewelry so much — so i’m delighted that you ‘re enjoying a piece of mine.

    all the best to you ! XOXO!!


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