Bon Nadal / Merry Christmas

18kt us desitja un Bon Nadal!! Una abraçada!!!
18kt wish you a Merry Christmas!! Hugs!!!

To Watch his Woods Fill up with Snow

Cotton Pod Icicle Brooches – Feel the Winter Chill

Sweet circle pendant – sterling silver

Rough diamond earrings – 22k yellow gold

Tinkerbell Snowflake lace earrings (white and silver)

Merletto earrings

Snowflake Earrings

Snowflake Wall Wear

3 respostes a “Bon Nadal / Merry Christmas

  1. Just found out about your post, I’m so excited! Thank you very much for featuring my icicle brooches. I always check your blog for fabulous inspirational jewelry designs,so I’m very honored to be in it now. 🙂


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