Yong Joo Kim

M’encanta el que fa aquesta noia amb materials reciclats, papers, plastics que un pot trobar al seu voltant. A part de tenir pàgina web, i un bloc personal, la Yong ens informa que ha creat una nova marca de joies anomenada “GetSublime”, amb pàgina web i un bloc. Genial!

I love the pieces of this girl with recycled materials, paper, plastics that can be found around. She has website and a personal blog, and also Yong informed us that she has created a new brand of jewelry called “GetSublime” with a website and blog. Great!

“Think of beans, straws, pins, nails, velcro, snaps, cable ties, and electric caps.These objects are not normally considered beautiful or valuable. I explore the value of such mundane objects, and discover their hidden beauty through a process of reconfiguration. Ipay close attention to the objects and their system of organization in my environment. I bring in new ways of looking at these objects by creating relationships among them. My work introduces unconventional use of familiar artifacts into a world full of conventions.”

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