Ingrid Schmidt


La Ingrid és una dissenyadora tèxtil de Ginebra (Suïssa) que treballa amb tècniques com el ganxet i els brodats per fer les seves joies.

Ingrid is a textile designer from Geneve (Switzerland) and she works with techniques like crochet, knitting, embroidery and application to make her jewellery.

”Calypso” presents a design who is inspired by structures, built with metal filament, the research of doing, experiment, observation and selection brought me to the three-dimensional element “Calypso”, a clear, graphic, contemporary style.
“Anno dazumal” is a play with an old technique that was developed in Berlin and known as “Berlin Iron Jewellery”. I was interested to catch that style and to transform in a modern appearance.
Tradition and memories are conjoined and lead to a sublime appearance that alludes to “former days” and invites the beholder’s imagination to join the impression.

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