Nick Dong


Avui he descobert les joies d’en Nick Dong, un artista nascut aa Taiwan tot i que actulament viu a Oakland (USA). M’encanten els anells on col·loca les pedres a la part de dins, de manera que portant-los les pedres toquen la pell. Impressionants!! Podeu visitar la seva botiga on-line o la resta de les seves feines a la seva web.

Today I discovered the jeweller of Nick Dong, he’s from Taiwan but at present he lives at Oakland (USA). I love the way he makes the rings with the stones inside, they’re stunning!! You can visit his Etsy shop or all his works at his website.

“My jewelry works are usually conceptually driven and possess both provocativeness and reservedness. I hope these wearable art objects can encourage us to open our senses and heighten awareness of our essential beings — both physically and spiritually.”

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