Cristina Dias

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M’encanten les peces d’aquesta noia brasilenya, els colors i les formes que aconsegueix amb la silicona són genials! No sabria dir si m’agraden més les peces de la seva col·lecció “Carnivoras” o les de “Criaturas”.

I love the jewellery of this brazilian girl, the silicon colours and shapes are wonderful! I really can’t choose if I’ll prefer “Carnivoras” or “Criaturas” collection.

“Criaturas is an ongoing series of objects and jewelry inspired by tantalizing organisms. Each piece is a hybrid of an extensive collection of visual impressions with opposing qualities: attractive and repulsive, beautiful and grotesque, familiar and yet exotic. I strive to translate these qualities into objects that are ambiguous in form and color as to avoid the allocation of identification, therefore asking the audience to take a fresh look at surfaces, textures, colors and forms combined into whole new entities.”

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