Clean your mind by Ana Cardim

Clean Your Mind is a device jewel that works as a catharsis vehicle for problems and/or worries that torment the mind of people that live in big metropolis.

1- Pull the hygienic paper and break it in the desired measure.
2- Write in the paper a problem or personal worry.
3- Concentrate and visualize that the problem is not going to worry you anymore.
4- Throw the paper inside of the toilet, that is, get rid of the shit
5- It is natural that you experience a sensation of relief: enjoy the moment.
6- Repeat the entire process as many times as you need.
7- Keep your mind clean and try not to accumulate new problems.

Materials: Silver, Acrylic, paper roll
Technique: Hand-made Silver Structure; Acrylic support cut and engraved with Computer Laser Machine, ready-made toilet paper roll
Size: 6x5x3 cm
Year: 2009

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