Jan Yager

Impressionant les joies d’aquesta artista americana…formes orgàniques de fulles, plantes i altres elements de la naturalesa. La seva peça estrella és la “Tiara” que ella mateixa ens decriu com al corona de la sabiduria. Us deixo el seu propi escrit, és molt bó!!

“The Tiara of Useful Knowledge focuses on the Importance of plants. It is inspired by The American Philosophical Society’s charter [1743] “for Promoting Useful Knowledge,” and The Academy of Natural Science’s [1812] goal of “connecting people to nature.” It consists of portraits of 10 plants, an ant, and a pebble, made from oxidized sterling silver, 18K and 14K gold, and quartz. The Tiara transforms into 12 pieces of jewelry that can each be worn separately.

Tiaras are rooted in the ancient Greek practice of placing laurels upon the heads of victors, and grew into an icon of British royalty. My American version is modeled after plants in the vacant lots near my studio and home. I just assumed they were unique to the USA until I read about Invasive Species and Aliens replacing Natives. Many Natives are now described as Rare, Threatened, Endangered, Vulnerable, Extinct or – Extirpated, while others are labeled Nuisance, Noxious, or – Worst!”

Via LaBasilica.

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