Vina Rust

Impresionants les peces d’aquesta noia de Seattle, podeu veure la seva feina al Flickr i a la web, que està en construcció. No tinc paraules, per tant millor triar les seves pròpies:

“This body of work is concerned with revelation of the interior, with slicing past the surface. Inspired by botanical illustrations and photomicrographs, it has allowed me to explore the idea of exposing intricate internal structures with devices such as the cross-section or selective staining of cells. It has also allowed me to pay tribute to the types of imagery that have cultivated a sense of wonder in me – there is a musical quality to the cellular structures they reveal, themes and variations in the logical patterning and loose architecture determined by functionality, which draws me in.

Other influences on the overall design of the work and on my own general sense of aesthetics are quite varied. With a cultural background that spans three continents, and training in both the arts and sciences, I often draw inspiration from a broad range of sources, from Rackham, Beardsley, and Lalique to the so-called “ethnic” jewelry of Southeast Asia and Oceania. My influences do, however, tend to share a common thread: acute observation of natural forms, and an appreciation for the tension between beauty and menace so often found in nature’s defenses.”

9 respostes a “Vina Rust

  1. uufff!
    Amb tanta anella i tanta xarnera,no m’estranya que acabi posant-hi cebes i plorant……de la feinada que representa!!
    “vaya” curro per favor,i jo em queixo dels pavés de 300 pedres de 1,20mm.


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