Carla Reiter

Aquesta artista és nascuda a California però va crèxer a Indiana i Illinois. Les seves peces tenen una càrrega personal que és inconfundible. M’agrada la manera que té de barrejar els metalls amb les pedres i per suposat els teixits que crea són increïbles!

“In my jewelry, I strive to blend an almost primitive handmade feeling with a refined sense of design. I’m not especially interested in technique for its own sake or in perfection – if I could, I’d abandon tools altogether and just work the metal with my hands.
I want to adorn the body, simply, and with as direct a connection between the idea and the hand as I can forge. All of these pieces are meant to be worn. Someone once told me that my jewelry only “wakes up” when a woman puts it on. That seems right to me.”

Via Louise Hill Designs Bloc.

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